Why do we charge for parking?

Firstly, let’s get this out of the way. It’s not to get rich! If we wanted to get rich we wouldn’t be operating a small car park in the centre of Worcester.

At Kingsway House our driving objective is to be open, fair and honest in everything we do, and to all of our customers. Having a limited number of on-site parking spaces has the potential to create an unlevel playing field – favouritism or the mad rush of a ‘first come, first served’ mentality.

Will I / won’t I get a space if I break my neck to get there by 8.10am.

There are several car parks all close by to Kingsway House, so parking is easy and you don’t have to walk far. Something they all have in common is that you have to pay for them. Adding the Kingsway House car park to this list makes us one of several car parks that you can choose from, and the fact that we are a few pennies more expensive than the off-site ones means there is an offset between price versus convenience.

So we have a level playing field, and everyone is happy.

Now that you know we are not trying to ‘rip you off’ you can feel that warm glow of contributing to the lovely atmosphere at Kingsway House when we ask you to pay for your parking!