Coworking in Worcester

At Kingsway House we have over 800 square metres of interesting space, all contained within a Grade II listed building. This means there are inspiring nooks and crannies everywhere that you can make your home as a coworker.

You can take up a workstation in the computer room, a table in our resources room, a desk in our shared offices, or simply enjoy the communal lounge area. Whatever takes your fancy and you feel most comfortable with is yours!

For just £25 per day (no VAT applicable), spread yourself out, be inspired, get your work done and enjoy a coffee and chat with the Kingsway staff and fellow coworkers. Contact us now for a free tour.

What does coworking mean?

In broad terms coworking means individuals coming together to share a work space with others of a similar mind to create an atmosphere that is both stimulating and enjoyable.

In some business centres this means a large room full of desks set out in rows; at Kingsway House it means choosing from a range of places to base yourself. We encourage you to explore the building and find somewhere that’s comfortable to you and your needs.

Some of our coworkers like to share a table with others; some like to hide away but still be within earshot and the buzz of people. Whatever suits you is fine by us!