Coworking / Hot Desking in Worcester

At Kingsway House we have over 800 square metres of interesting space, all contained within a Grade II listed building. You can take up a desk in one of our shared offices, or simply enjoy the communal lounge area.

Prices: It costs £20+VAT (total £24) per day or £10+VAT (total £12) per half-day. Wi-Fi and bean-to-cup coffee included, and you can pay by contactless card on the day when you arrive.

Kingsway House Business Centre

How to Book your Hot Desk

Just fill in the form on this page and hit the button “Book my Desk”. Although we work all hours, if you are sending the form at midnight we may not get back to you until 6am … but don’t worry, we will get back to you.

If you prefer you can just email us or call us during office hours on 01905-619877. It’s that easy!

Hot Desk Booking Form

“Great desks, internet connection, wireless. Fantastically clean. A great place to work for a change to home. Most productive day I’ve had in a while!” (AM, January 2022)

Kingsway House Business Centre
Kingsway House Business Centre
Kingsway House Business Centre

What does coworking mean?

In broad terms coworking means individuals coming together to share a work space with others of a similar mind to create an atmosphere that is both stimulating and enjoyable. Kingsway House is home to different companies (from 1 employee to 20 employees) all pursuing their own business but sharing the communal areas of our building.

What is hot desking?

Whilst everyone at Kingsway House is a coworker, some people come to us on an informal ad-hoc basis and choose to work at a desk in a shared office. The fact that they don’t ‘own’ a particular desk and could sit anywhere in the office is termed ‘hot desking’. Some large companies operate a policy of hot desking for their employees as it keeps things mixed up and prevents people getting too comfortable!

The nice thing about hot desking (as opposed to having your own private office) is that you are constantly meeting new people and the opportunities for new relationships and opportunities to spring from them become a reality.

How much does it cost?

You can give hot desking a go for £20+VAT per day, or if you want to have a completely unlimited ‘come and go as you please’ facility buy a membership for £200+VAT per month. If you would like to come and visit just get in touch and we’ll show you round happily.